Michael Faccinto

Name: Michael Faccinto
Date of Birth: 3/26/1990
Age: 27
Hometown: Hanford, California
Residence: Hanford, California
Favorite Track: Keller Auto Speedway
Racing Since: 1999
Hobbies: Basketball
Favorite Place to Eat: Olive Garden
Most Memorable Racing Moment: Winning the Louie Vermeil Classic 2016

2017 Stats

Races: 12
Wins: 3
Top 5: 8
Top 10: 10


Recent Results for 2017

Ocean Speedway
06/09/17 -
Hotlaps: 3rd
Qual: 1st
Heat: 6th-5th
Semi: N/A
Feature: 8th-3rd

Petaluma Speedway
06/10/17 - BCRA
Hotlaps: N/A
Qual: 2nd
Heat: 6th-2nd
Semi: N/A
Feature: 7th-5th

Kern County Raceway
06/16/17 -
Hotlaps: N/A
Qual: 2nd
Heat: 4th-1st
Semi: N/A
Feature: 5th-2nd

Keller Auto Speedway
06/17/17 - USAC WC 360
Hotlaps: N/A
Qual: 5th
Heat: 3rd-4th
Semi: N/A
Feature: 11th-8th

Petaluma Speedway
07/15/17 - USAC/BCRA
Hotlaps: N/A
Qual: 2nd
Heat: 6th-3rd
Semi: N/A
Feature: 7th-1st

Fernly 95A Speedway
07/29/17 - BCRA
Hotlaps: 2nd
Qual: 1st
Heat: 3rd-1st
Semi: N/A
Feature: 1st-1st

Stockton Dirt Track
08/26/17 - BCRA
Hotlaps: 3rd
Qual: 1st
Heat: 6th-1st
Semi: N/A
Feature: 8th-1st

Calistoga Speedway
09/02/17 - USAC WC Midgets
Hotlaps: N/A
Qual: 5th
Heat: 3rd-2nd
Semi: N/A
Feature: 5th-DNF

Calistoga Speedway
09/03/17 - USAC WC Midgets
Hotlaps: N/A
Qual: 7th
Heat: 2nd-2nd
Semi: N/A
Feature: 6th-3rd

Plaza Park Raceway
09/15/17 - Micro
Hotlaps: N/A
Qual: 11th
Heat: 2nd-1st
Semi: N/A
Feature: 10th-9th

Bakersfield Speedway
09/30/17 - USAC WC
Hotlaps: N/A
Qual: 3rd
Heat: 4th-3rd
Semi: N/A
Feature: 9th-2nd



2006 National Ford Focus National Champion
2011 Claycup Champion
2013 A Class Tulsa Shootout Winner
2015 Outlaw Tulsa Shootout Winner
2015 California Speedweek Champion
2016 Louie Vermeil Classic Winner
2017 Chili Bowl A main starter (18th)
Over 100 Micro wins

2017 Schedule & Results

June 9 Watsonville,CA BCRA Midget - 3rd
June 10 Petaluma,CA BCRA Midget - 5th
June 16 Kern County,CA - 2nd
June 17 Hanford, CA USAC 360 - 8th
July 1 Placerville, CA BCRA Midget
July 8 Ventura, CA USAC 360
July 15 Petaluma,CA USAC Midget/BCRA
July 22 Marysville, CA BCRA Midget
July 29 Fernely, CA BCRA Midget
August 19 Santa Maria USAC midget
August 26 Stockton BCRA Midget
September 2 Calistoga,CA USAC Midget
September 3 Calistoga,CA USAC Midget
September 7 Chico,CA USAC Midget
September 16 Ventura,CA USAC Midget
September 30 Bakersfield,CA USAC Midget
October 28 Ventura,CA USAC Midget
November 18 Bakersfield,CA USAC Midget
November 22 Ventura,CA USAC 360
November 23 Ventura,CA USAC 360, Midget