Cole Ketcham

Name: Cole Ketcham
Date of Birth: July 23rd, 1991
Age: 25
Hometown: Eaton, IN
Residence: Muncie, IN
Racing Since: 1996
Favorite Track: Kokomo Speedway
Favorite Place to Eat: Buffalo Wild Wings
Goals: Race Professionally

2017 Stats

Races: 6
Top 5: 1
Top 10: 2

2017 Schedule


Recent Results for 2017

Kokomo Speedway
04/08/17 - Local Sprint
Hotlaps: 9th
Qual: 9th
Heat: 9th-8th
Semi: N/A
Feature: 16th-DNF

Kokomo Speedway
07/03/17 - Local
Hotlaps: 2nd
Qual: 2nd
Heat: 3rd-4th
Semi: N/A
Feature: 8th-6th

Kokomo Speedway
07/08/17 - USAC
Hotlaps: 9th
Qual: 32nd
Heat: 8th-9th
Semi: 16th-DNS
Feature: DNS

Route 44 Speedway
07/28/17 - BOSS
Hotlaps: N/A
Qual: N/A
Heat: 6th-3rd
Semi: N/A
Feature: 9th-3rd

Lawrenceburg Speedway
07/29/17 - BOSS
Hotlaps: N/A
Qual: N/A
Heat: 4th-9th
Semi: 9th-1st
Feature: 17th-21st

Kokomo Speedway
08/24/17 - USAC
Hotlaps: 25th
Qual: 27th
Heat: 7th-6th
Semi: 11th-11th
Feature: DNS

Kokomo Speedway
08/25/17 - USAC
Hotlaps: 22nd
Qual: 25th
Heat: 7th-10th
Semi: 9th-16th
Feature: DNS

Kokomo Speedway
08/26/17 - USAC
Hotlaps: 26th
Qual: N/A
Heat: 5th-6th
Semi: 16th-18th
Feature: DNS


2001 Light GX160 Indiana State Runner-up
2002 Light GX160 Indiana State Runner-up
2003 Light GX160 Indiana State Champion
2004 Heavy GX160 Indiana State Runner-up
2006 Miami County Speedway 600cc Micro Sprint RoY
2011 Tulsa Shootout A-Main Qualifier
2012 Tulsa Shootout A-Main Qualifier
2016 USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car Series Rookie Points Runner-up


15+ career 600cc Micro Sprint wins
6 Track Championships
2011 Tulsa Shootout 4th place A-Main Finish
3 Time Tulsa Shoot Out A-Main Qualifier
Made 11 of first 18 USAC Features Attempted